I am head of data science and insights at Mindfolio an innovation and analytics consultancy. We specialise in residential, retail and mixed-use real estate environments.

My role at MindFolio includes developing analytical tools, designing data collection protocols and surveys, analysing customer behavioural data and visualising data for clients. My scope also goes beyond just the numbers; I am involved in project visioning/ideation, as well as producing strategic content for clients.

I have worked on a variety of projects ranging from researching concepts for a mixed-use office environment in Colorado to helping redesign the leisure and entertainment landscape for a mall operator in The Middle East.

Prior to joining MindFolio, I gained a PhD from the University of Zurich, where I focussed on behavioural decision-making.

Technical skills





Machine learning techniques

linear/logistic regression|clustering|decision trees

sentiment analyis|NLP|topic modelling

Open source projects

Click here to visit my GitHub profile for some open source R projects I have written