Data-driven story teller


I am head of data science and insights at MindFolio an innovation and analytics consultancy based in the UK.

My role is to take complex consumer and big data, and craft it into stories to help managers make more informed business decisions. To create these compelling data-driven narratives I use tools such as R Shiny.

Prior to joining MindFolio, I gained a PhD from the University of Zurich, where I focussed on behavioural decision-making.

Industry skills

behavioural research | health/wellbeing | green design
concept development | visioning
consumer/market research
end-to-end project management

Technical skills


shiny | markdown
ggplot2 | plotly | D3 | igraph | leaflet
API’s | webscraping

Analytical techniques

base statistical techniques | clustering/segmentation | ML
sentiment analysis | NLP | topic modelling

Research techniques

behavioural science
survey design/programming
best-worst scaling | various flavours of choice modelling

Other skills

html | css | javascript
Windows server
Git | GitHub
Netlify | MongoDB


From creating a unique bespoke survey platform to a tool to analyse community health, I have worked on a range of development-led data projects, bringing a unique perspective on how data is presented/used

You can find an example of one of my creations here (works best on desktop) - a big data app which uses over 20 variables across London wards to get an understanding of community health. You can read more about the tool in this article for TechUK here.

Using my background in behavioural science, I have also helped innovate and develop MindFolio’s Place Attachment insights system. This tool combines allows us to measure people’s emotional connections to a place and where improvements are needed to help create more wholesome communities. You can find more details here.

Open source projects

Click here to visit my GitHub profile for some open source R projects I have written